Manav Darji
Hello, friend 👋
I am Manav Darji, based out of Ahmedabad, India. This page presents more of my work, interests and projects.
Currently, I work at Polygon Labs (Prev. Matic Network) in the capacity of Blockchain Protocol Engineer in the PoS (Proof of Stake) team. I am also in the Ethereum Protocol Fellowship (Cohort 4) working on in-protocol proposer builder separation project under the mentorship of researchers and developers from the Ethereum Foundation. I’ve also taught few lectures for CSE 542: Introduction to Blockchain Technologies at my Alma Mater, Ahmedabad University previously.
I am really passionate about solving real-world problems and working in crypto / blockchain space because of the global impact it can make. I’d consider myself a generalist but with in-depth domain specific knowledge. I have explored multiple domains and love everything from problem solving, attending various hackathons, building open-source projects, talking and teaching about them at conferences and events, learning new things, etc.

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