Scaling Ethereum, March'23

Built Indexooor - A tool for indexing smart contract data in a different way without the need of emitting events. Via an RPC, indexooor is capable of storing all the data for a specific contract i.e. all itโ€™s variables (like native datatypes, structs, maps, arrays, etc) into a SQL database for performing complex queries and joins later on top of them. This makes the dependency on external indexing service provides almost negligible.

EthIndia, Dec'22

Built bellatrix protocol - A protocol for publicly verifiable private blockchains using ZK proofs.

ETHOnline Hackathon (By ETHGlobal), Oct'21

Built Cuperfluid - A customised version of the superfluid protocol, which provides additional functionality on top of the superfluid constant streams. It provides a proof-of-work based checkpoint mechanism which can be used for almost any kind of verifiable work. The sender of the stream provides a verification endpoint along with the checkpoint interval and the middleware contract and server takes care of the stream.
Superfluid, Chainlink and Biconomy Pool Price winner - Submission

Treehacks (By Stanford), Feb'21

Built Grow More - A platform for monetizing your efforts in contributing to nature. It allows people with capabilities to contribute openly to the environment, share with others and get rewards for planting trees. It also allows people to donate/lend funds for help. The donated funds are stored in a lending pool, which generates interest over time (defi magic)!

ETHOnline Hackathon (By ETHGlobal), Oct'20

Built SpringUP - A decentralized platform on Raiden Network that aims at maintaining transparency among content creators and their supporters and subscribers with better rewards using Aave Protocol.
Raiden Network Price Winner for best DeFi hack using Raiden - Submission

MedHacks (By Johns Hopkins School of Medicine), Sept'20

Built Synoptel - A web-based application that converts the doctor-patient conversation from live audio/video calls to text, which is helpful to elders for virtual sessions.

Dapp Jedi (By Devfolio), Aug'20

Built DRentforcement - A decentralized C2C renting platform, wherein users can rent and borrow products and items for a short amount of time in a trustful environment without any intervention from a 3rd party.

Hack Infinity 2.0 (DAIICT, Feb'20)

Built EnvoFriendly - A web application that calculates a factor denoting carbon emission based on user's purchases by taking multiple factors into account.

Ingenious Hackathon (Ahmedabad University, March'19)

Winner of IoT Domain
Built a pothole detection mechanism, which can be installed on vehicles, and the data tracked can be sent to the government.

Ingenious Hackathon (Ahmedabad University, March'18)

1st Runners up of IoT Domain
Built a Smart Parking System, which automates the process of booking and fining of vehicles at a particular parking spot using ultrasonic sensors and RFID tags.